Going for an interview is something that most people get nervous about, this is perfectly normal and it means you care! But to keep yourself calm before and during the interview, it’s always good to be prepared for the questions and anything they may ask. Luckily YouthXP has youth interview tips to help you excel in your next interview.

Here are the top 5 most common interview questions and how to tackle them!

1 . “Tell me about yourself”

This is one of the most common and often the first question employers will ask you during an interview. This could be the make or break question. You definitely don’t want to go off on a tangent and tell them your life story, as you may reveal unfavourable points that could affect your chances of getting the job, and generally, they’re not interested. Make sure to include points that they would be interested in, for example, hobbies or personal activities you do that relate specifically to the job. You could also discuss your education background that highlights areas showing you’re suitable for the job. 

2 . “What are your strengths and weaknesses?”

Talking about your strengths is easy, as long as you stick to what’s relevant. It's talking about your weaknesses that makes this question more difficult. Talking about your real weaknesses might not be the best move. However, weaknesses that could be seen more as areas of improvement are your best bet. This could include points such as “I work myself too hard sometimes” or “I am a perfectionist”. Even better, discuss weaknesses that you have now overcome!

3 . “How have you overcome previous problems in the workplace?”

It’s likely that at some point, you would have had a problem with a co-worker, a boss, or the general work environment. If this is the case, explain to the employer how you overcame these issues, being genuine and honest here is always good, as long as it puts you in a positive light. This will say a lot about your problem solving skills. 

4 . “Why are you interested in this role?”

Employers want to know what aspects of the job you are most interested in, and this question will answer that. One thing to avoid is reciting the job ad to them. They’ve seen the ad and they will know if you do this. Highlight points about the role that you know you will excel in with the current skills you have. By explaining this to them, they will get a better understanding of your suitability for the role. 

5 . “Why are you interested in working for this company?”

For this question, it’s a good idea to highlight your values and how they align with the company. This will show employers you have done your research. Discuss the company's goals and aims and how you share the same goals too. A lot of this information can be found on their website, sometimes even in the job ad.

Once you’ve done your homework on the company, and you’re able to answer these questions with ease, you’ll be giving yourself the best chance you can to get the job you’re looking for!

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