Applying for your first job is a daunting process and takes mindfulness and strategy to ensure you progress to the next stage. Luckily YouthXP can help you land your first job with no experience. With our tools and platform designed specifically for youth we offer you the best opportunity to start working at a place you love. Generally, you apply for multiple jobs at a time to see which ones come off. Making sure you have the best possible strategy in place to increase your chances of getting that first interview is important. Make an effort to stand out from all other applicants with every job you apply for. To help with this, we have put together some points to keep in mind when applying for jobs!

How To Apply For Your First Job

The Initial Search

Start by searching for jobs in the field you want to work in, then begin to branch out to similar jobs, or jobs within a category that you may be qualified for. If you have certain companies in mind rather than a job title, search for the companies and their different locations. Use keywords specific to what you’re looking for, adjust the location to be in the area you want and use our other filters to help you refine your search, such as salary rate, hours per week etc. Once you are well research you can move onto applying for your first job.

Do Your Research

When you have found a few jobs you want to apply for, do some research into the company. This might include typing the company name into Google and reading up on any recent news articles. Visiting the company website and having a look around is also a great idea to ensure this is the type of company and the job you want to apply for. By doing this, you will be able to tailor your resumé to be company specific. This will impress the employer and help you stand out from the crowd.

Fill Out Every Field

While applying for your first job it's extremely important you fill out every field. This will help you provide as much information as possible to show your interest in the role. Check your spelling and grammar twice and pay attention to detail. 

Follow Instructions

Following the instructions on how to submit the application is a vital first step. See this as your first test in the job role. You want to get it right. Make sure you submit your resumé in the required format and include all of the required information they have asked for. 

Review Your Social Media

Make sure you check everything that is available to the public on your social media platforms is appropriate and that you have adjusted your privacy settings to what you need. 

Submit Your Application

The earlier the better! Submitting the application earlier creates a good impression, you may also be one of the first applications that get reviewed.  

Follow Up

Wait at least 1 week before reaching out to the employer to check where they are at. By sending them a professional follow up email, they will be reminded of your application. You can always give the company a call as well!

Your Resumé Builder

Create your own resumé using our Resumé Builder. YouthXP helps you create a complete professional grade resumé in just minutes!

Add Availability

Add in your own availability to your profile so employers can see when you are available to work. Find a job that suits you.

Add Achievements

Achievements matter. Add your achievements to reflect the great things you have accomplished! Stand out from the crowd.

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