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Our Mission

Why, How and Where.

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If you're aged 15 - 24,
we are here to get you a job.

Whether you are someone entering the workforce for the first time or if you have worked in a previous role and want a change of scenery, we are here to help youth find a job.

Our platform is designed with features to ensure you are able to search for roles that fit your lifestyle and skills, making your job search efficient. This, in turn, allows employers to enjoy an efficient recruitment process.

We want to help build a future with a fundamentally changed employer-employee relationship, where employees not only work for the employer but work together to reach a common goal. Through the development of YouthXP we aim to break the cycle which so many youth who are seeking jobs find themselves in, where every job requires experience but none are willing to provide it. We want to give youth a foothold within the job market and push the agency back upon employers to provide experience to those that need it most.

At YouthXP our goals reach further than just creating a hospitable and forward thinking job platform for the youth of the future, we want to give back in any way possible.

The You&2 Program is our way of giving back to our community and inspiring others to do the same. With your help and support, YouthXP will donate 2% of our turnover, each month to a collection of charities.

With the You&2 program we hope to set the precedent that a company should engage with early-stage corporate philanthropy and support the community that has built them. We want to empower and encourage Youth to provide donations through their everyday actions to support the communities around them.



YouthXP aims to be as transparent as possible. We provide the data to Employees and Employers alike to help them develop the way they approach the job market. By disclosing everything about the Employer and Employee, we aim to help build transparent workplace relationships.


YouthXP was formed from the recognition that the way Youth enter the job market needed to be innovated upon. We saw the challenges Youth face to enter the job market as all entry level jobs require experience. By promoting Youth through their own platform, we aim to fundamentally change the way Youth find jobs.


At YouthXP, we wanted to create a platform that supports Youth by helping them enter the job market. We offer support by making it easy for Youth to find their dream job through our advanced search filters while promoting their profiles to Employers so they can find the next generation of doctors, engineers, artists and more.

Your Resumé Builder

Create your own resumé using our Resumé Builder. YouthXP helps you create a complete professional grade resumé in just minutes!

Add Availability

Add in your own availability to your profile so employers can see when you are available to work. Find a job that suits you.

Add Achievements

Achievements matter. Add your achievements to reflect the great things you have accomplished! Stand out from the crowd.

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