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Frequently Asked Questions

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Applying for a Job

To reset your password, click ‘Can’t Access Your Account?’ on the sign-in page, type your email address and we’ll email you a link to reset your password.

You should receive the link within a couple of minutes. Check your spam or junk folder if you don’t see the email in your inbox.

If you’ve forgotten the email address you used to register with YouthXP, contact the YouthXP Team via the Support page.

We take your privacy very seriously and under no circumstances do we give third parties access to resumés or email addresses without your consent.

Feel free to check out our Privacy Policy for more details.

We send your application directly to the employer or organisation. We don’t take any further part in the recruitment process.

The employer or organisation will then contact your directly should they have any questions or should you progress further in the interview process.

Clearing your cache and browser history is a good first step if you experience any problems with the website. If this doesn’t resolve your issue, please contact us.
Some of the links will take you to an external website to complete your application (on the company's website). If the employer's website is having trouble, feel free to let us know which job you wish to apply for, and we can contact them for you.

My Profile

You can update your profile at any time! Simply sign in to your account and update your profile from there. Check out our blog posts for tips to help make your profile great.

You can choose the level of information you would like to share under the Profile Visibility section in your account.

These settings will apply to all potential Employers. So if you are looking for a job or a course, make sure your profile is visible to the Employers by selecting the ‘Let Employers Find You’ setting.

We recommend approaching your YouthXP profile like an online profile that showcases your skills and qualifications even when you’re not actively looking for a new role.

If an Employer has received your career history, education, licences & certifications, and skills from your profile as part of your application, they can share that information in the same way that they may currently share your cover letter and/or resumé with others in their organisation.

If you’re pursuing your first job or changing into a new role, there are still many things you can add to your profile!

  • Your Skills (for example, goal setting, time management)

  • Examples of working on team projects, where you demonstrated a strong work ethic or showcased good interpersonal skills

  • Any licenses you have (for example, operating equipment, drivers license, barista license)

  • Expertise in technology or software

  • Volunteering experience

  • Hobbies, interests and passions

  • Enthusiasm for the role (for example, explaining why this job aligns with any hobbies you have, or why this is your dream job!)

Your YouthXP profile is all about showcasing YOU. Check out our blog posts for more information!

Only employers and organisations registered on YouthXP can view your profile and contact you with relevant job or course opportunities.

However, you can always download your resumé to send directly to an employer or organisation.

You also get to choose which information employers can and can’t view in the Profile Visibility section of your account.

To create your profile, sign up or sign in to your account. Then, click on the Resume Builder and start filling out the fields to let employers know who you are!

There are two ways you may be contacted. 

The first way is when you apply for a job or a course, certain parts of your YouthXP profile (career history, education, licenses & certifications, and skills) are sent with your application. In this case, employers or an organisation may contact you using the contact details you provided in your application.

Alternatively, Employers who use YouthXP can search for potential candidates using their Talent Pool Search feature.

So if your profile appears in their searches and your credentials match the jobs and courses they're looking to fill, they may get in touch with you. Whether you can be contacted depends on the profile visibility setting you choose.

After you have submitted an application on YouthXP, it is sent directly to the advertiser. If you would like to withdraw your application, please contact the advertiser or company you have submitted the application to in order to withdraw.

The minimum age you can start work depends on the state or territory that you work in. This applies to all workers, including those starting an apprenticeship or traineeship.
The minimum age for each state/territory can be viewed by visiting the links below:

Australian Capital Territory 

New South Wales

Northern Territory 


South Australia 



Western Australia 

We never like seeing people go, we hope you’ve found your job of a lifetime. If you still wish to close your account with YouthXP, follow the steps below.

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. In the top right hand corner, next to your profile photo, click on Manage Account.
  3. Enter your password in the field provided.
  4. Click on Delete Account.

Once you've done this, your account will be deleted immediately. Please ensure that you have downloaded your latest Resumé for future jobs or courses.

Alternatively, if you plan on keeping your current job for a while, feel free to disable all notifications to keep your profile active. You never know, your next employer could be searching for you. 

You can add your experience as a Volunteer in your Resumé Kit under Work Experience. Simply tick the option which says 'Volunteer role' and your Resumé will show Employers that you were a Volunteer. 

Searching for a Job or Course

To widen your search for more opportunities, you can search for jobs or courses in more than one Space by simply clicking on the check boxes in the Space menu. Start searching now. 

To start your search for a job, click here. Choose a tab above the search box as to whether you are looking for Full-Time work, Part-Time work, etc.

If you aren’t sure, just click on ‘All’. Then, type in a keyword (for example, Junior Designer), select a Space (for example, Graphic Design), enter a location (for example, Sydney), and finally, click the search button. 

The more terms you enter, the more specific your search results will be. If you want a broader search and more job ads, simply add fewer terms or use general phrases.


Type the job or skills you're looking for in the keyword field. 

You can select as many Spaces and sub Spaces as you like, but the more you select, the closer you'll get to finding your dream job.


Find jobs by postcode, suburb, city, or state if you want to view opportunities in a specific location.

Other tips:

  • It’s best to avoid special characters (e.g. %, /) as they are ignored

  • Common keywords include job titles, skills, and seniority (e.g. junior accountant, senior accountant)

You can sort your job or course search results by the date the job was added, which provides you with a list of the most recently advertised jobs or courses at the top.

Reports & Complaints

You can report any suspicious or misleading ad to YouthXP by submitting a support request.

Send us a link to the job ad and the name of the company so our compliance team can review the advert in question.

If you are having issues regarding pay please contact the Fair Work Ombudsman in Australia.

If you are feeling discriminated against in the workplace, please contact the Australian Human Rights Commission.

If you believe any information in an ad is misleading you can contact the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission.

We regularly screen for illegal ads that ask for personal or financial information. If you have any concerns over the legitimacy of an ad, report it to YouthXP via a support request.

For further support, please visit our Contact page.

Your Resumé Builder

Create your own resumé using our Resumé Builder. YouthXP helps you create a complete professional grade resumé in just minutes!

Add Availability

Add in your own availability to your profile so employers can see when you are available to work. Find a job that suits you.

Add Achievements

Achievements matter. Add your achievements to reflect the great things you have accomplished! Stand out from the crowd.

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