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Our Charities

What really matters.

The You & 2 Program is our way of giving back to our community and inspiring others to do the same. With your help and support YouthXP will donate 2% of our entire revenue, to a collection of charities.

With the You & 2 program we hope to set the precedent that a company should engage with early-stage corporate philanthropy and support the community that has built them. We want to empower and encourage Youth to provide donations through their everyday actions to support the communities around them.

Helping now. Helping always.

Our Charities as chosen by You

How is the charity selected?

The charity is chosen by the YouthXP team each month. We ensure that each month we select a different charity to donate our 2% of revenue to. 

Where does the 2% come from?

The 2% donation comes strictly from YouthXP’s entire revenue, meaning you never have to spend a cent. Unlike other organisations which allow companies to donate a percentage of their Company's profits, YouthXP ensures fair and genuine endorsement through donations based off of our entire revenue.

We feel at YouthXP that giving just a percentage of our profits does not sufficiently fulfil our goals of creating a truly future forward job search platform. This 2% comes with no restrictions or limitations, each month 2% is always donated.

When is a charity selected?

Charity selection occurs every month with a new charity being selected.

Selection occurs on the last day of every month.

When will the charity be paid?

The charity chosen will be sent the donation immediately after we have selected the charity. Charities are paid at the end of each month by YouthXP directly.

We deal only with real, direct transfers of the percentage of our revenue to the charity of your choosing.

Why 2% of revenue?

Revenue is a measure of the total amount of income a company earns. Any cashflow coming into the business is found under its revenue. Profit is only how much more money a company earns after its expenses have been paid. This is why YouthXP have chosen revenue for our You & 2 Program.

To truly fulfil our mission as a leading job platform for Youth, we know that whether we make profit or not should not determine whether we give back to our community.

How can I help?

YouthXP is strictly free for those searching for a job and will stay that way forever. You don’t have to do a thing to help us help others, however we always encourage you to let us know what your favourite charities are, as we may be able to reach out to them! Our revenue comes from our Employers on our website, not the potential Employees.

However if you do want to help us on our mission, we urge you to donate directly to the charity of your choice, pick up a volunteering job through this platform or start your own charity and start looking for candidates right here on YouthXP.

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