The most important thing for school and work-life balance is to keep as organised as possible. As exciting as it is to get a job and start your work life while at school, it can be difficult to balance the two. Balancing school, work, outside of school commitments, a social life and more can become overwhelming and stressful. To ensure you have a nice balance and don't end up with too much on your plate at a time, it is a good idea to organise yourself and understand your schedule. Make sure on your schedule that you have written down all deadlines for assignments, exams and homework, and organise your availability for work around those dates. The better you stay on top of your schedule and keep organised, the less likely you are to burn out or lose motivation.

Staying stress free and organised will allow you to work to your best ability and relax when you need to. It is a good idea to use calendar apps on your phone or buy a yearly diary to keep track of all your commitments. Be realistic with yourself on how much time you will need to complete tasks and dedicate time to work on them. It is easier to let your boss know in advance when you may need some time off or changes to your roster to complete school work or study for exams, rather than at the last minute. This saves you the stress of cramming school work the night before it's due and gives your boss enough time to organise any roster changes for that period.

Stress can cause negative impacts on both your mental and physical health, so taking the time to plan and stay organised in your school and work life, will help ensure you have a balance between your commitments and time to rest. Our job search allows you to find jobs based on your own unique availability, so you can find the job best suited for your personal schedule.

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