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Company Description

Ducere Global Business School is a recognised leader in university – enterprise collaborations, to design and deliver degrees that have real career impact. We partner with major universities across 4 continents, global corporations, government departments and NGOs, as well as being a member of the AACSB, United Nations, and various global chambers, to ensure that our programs are current, relevant and industry connected.

We have a mission of both business and philanthropy. Our mission is to bridge the gap between education and industry by delivering a flexible and achievable degree with real career impact. Ducere has funded and supported the activities of the Ducere Foundation across 27 African nations to the tune of millions of dollars.

With offices in the United States, Australia, the UK and Africa, we constantly strive to promote equity and access in education globally.

Studying with Ducere and Torrens University Australia offers a transformative educational experience that goes beyond traditional learning. With Ducere's innovative approach to education and Torrens University Australia's reputation for academic excellence, students gain a unique advantage in today's competitive world.


A practical, industry focused management degree. You'll get to study 18 core subjects to set you up for real-world management success, plus the freedom to choose 6 elective subjects based on your interest in entrepreneurship, marketing, innovation - you name it! Choose companies that interest you for your assignments and no exams, ever.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between education and industry by delivering a flexible and achievable degree with real career impact. Graduates will have broad and coherent knowledge of business fundamentals and how they have evolved within the modern digital landscape.

  • Develop the skills required to self-start and self-manage work-related projects, including within digital environments. Students will gain strong self-directed learning skills through the online delivery, positioning them for lifelong learning.
  • Gain the ability to identify, analyse and solve management challenges within both new and established organisations, fusing both traditional and modern approaches towards achieving the best possible outcome.
  • Develop the skills to create and design approaches to business within emerging markets, and communicate them in an appropriate manner to a range of audiences.
  • Develop a broad and coherent knowledge of the ‘triple bottom line’ of business, considering the impacts business decisions have on not only financial outcomes, but also social and environmental outcomes.
  • Develop skills specific to the program specialism required to be able to apply learnings in a real-world context.

Get to graduate on campus with your peers at any Torrens University Campus across Australia.

Eligibility and Fees

You could be eligible if you have:

  • Completed Year 12 (or equivalent, NO ATAR REQUIRED); or
  • Successfully completed a Higher Education qualification; or
  • Have demonstrated work experience?

$0* upfront for eligible Australian citizens with FEE-Help. The total tuition for this course is $55,680. Ask us how you could get a 20% scholarship!

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